“The device she built — about half the size of a shoe box — was going to keep watch over the 5 million pieces of fruit jammed into that single room, making sure they didn’t overripen during their long stay in suspended animation. As a junior in college, Sizov started a company, Strella Biotechnology, to try to reduce waste in the U.S. food system — a problem that by some estimates creates as much emissions as 33 million passenger vehicles. Now, three years later, Sizov had talked her way into the warehouses of most of the country’s biggest apple producers, and her devices monitor about 15 percent of the entire U.S. crop.” WaPo (Gift Article): Fighting food waste, one apple at a time.

+ “Raphael has dedicated his free time to fishing waste out of the Seine in Paris using a magnetic rod. He’s already managed to pull out 7 tons of waste including electric bikes, scooters, scrap metal and cellphones.” Meet the 11-year-old on a mission to clean up the Seine.

+ Westerly High School students build bus stop to shelter boy who uses wheelchair.

+ The winners of the Comedy Wildlife Photography Awards will brighten your day.

+ Adele has dropped the most anticipated album since albums were a thing. Yeah, it’s sad. But no one makes sad feel good like Adele.