In the darkest days of the pandemic, we turned to baking. We got so into our new hobby – combining comfort and carbs – that thousands of people called the King Flour helpline. Well, the pandemic is still with us. But we’re running short of baking supplies. Yes, it’s your supply chain being yanked again. But it’s more than just that. “Another powerful factor — climate change — is heightening those challenges. Its impact is less visible but more enduring, and its consequences are playing out right as the food industry is struggling to avoid holiday season shortages. Many of the ingredients in Mike’s Pies’ pies — wheat, berries, honey, soybean oil, among numerous others — have been hit hard by climate and weather effects, including droughts, wildfires and power shutdowns around the world. That’s sending prices soaring and, combined with a scarcity of workers and other hurdles, is causing mayhem throughout the global food supply chain.” WaPo (Gluten Free, Gift Article): How climate change and extreme weather are crimping America’s pie supply. This Thanksgiving, you may have to let them eat cake.