“Botulinum toxin is a poison that by some macabre coincidence both causes botulism and cures wrinkles. When injected at low doses into a crinkled forehead, it blocks nerve signals to muscles and smooths the skin atop them. (It also has medical applications, including for treating migraines.) Though there are several competing brands, Botox is the Kleenex of the category. It presents the kind of bargain one might strike with a nefarious sea witch: She will grant you eternal youth, but at the price of being able to move your face.” Amanda Hess in the NYT (Gift Article): The Art of Botox. How facial muscle paralysis insinuated itself into our emotional and creative lives. (Sometimes it looks like I’ve gotten Botox, but it’s actually that I’m just not interested.)

+ Botox is old news. “The yassify (or yassification) meme involves editing photos of figures from pop culture, history, or politics to resemble glamazons with smoky eyes and fabulous hair.” How FaceApp and Toni Collette led to a revealing meme in the LGBTQ community about digital culture beauty standards and reality itself.