I like to be consistent with my pet peeves (one of which is that phrase). So every time I wash a piece of fruit, I complain aloud about those damn non-compostable stickers I have to peel off, often adding something along the lines of, “I’m expected to edit the entire internet by midday, I don’t have time for this sh*t!” But whether as an oversight or an overt act of rebellion, it never occurred to me to eat the stickers. Anyone can accidentally experience this sticker shock once or twice. But at least one concerned citizen has made something of a habit of it, as evidenced by this question submitted to the NYT’s Ask Well (Gift Article): “I keep finding myself biting into an apple or a peach, only to find I’ve eaten half the sticker the store put on there. Is there any harm in eating produce stickers?” It’s rarely appropriate to answer a question with a question, but in this case I might have asked, “Exactly how high are you?” The Well chose to give a more direct answer about those nasty PLU (Price Look Up) stickers: “While the stickers that get placed on fruits and vegetables won’t cause you any harm, it’s probably best to remove them before eating.” What would actually be best would be if the fruit people figured out a way to produce the produce sans stickers. Talk about an industry that’s ripe for disruption.