“A lifetime of brutal injuries and misfortune robbed the world-renowned pianist João Carlos Martins of the ability to play his instrument. And then along came an eccentric designer and his bionic gloves.” How the Maestro Got His Hands Back.

+ U.S. economy adds 531,000 jobs in huge hiring rebound.

+ “Cecilia joined her father at his grand piano covered in stickers and, as McMahon played, the two sang the heartwarming song he wrote for her called ‘Cecilia and the Satellite.'”

+ How Berkeley’s Yogurt Park, one of America’s oldest frozen yogurt shops, has endured for 44 years. (My patronage has been a factor.) While we’re in the neighborhood: Bay Area couple takes hilarious engagement photos at Berkeley Bowl.

+ NYT: In Venezuela, a Rum Maker Offers Gangsters a Life Outside of Crime.

+ And if you missed it, here’s my list of the top feel good stories of 2021 so far.