In a recent interview, U.N. World Food Programme Executive Director David Beasley challenged billionaires to donate “$6 billion to help 42 million people that are literally going to die if we don’t reach them.” Elon Musk said he’d foot the whole bill if the UN can show the math behind that number. “If WFP can describe on this Twitter thread exactly how $6B will solve world hunger, I will sell Tesla stock right now and do it. But it must be open source accounting, so the public sees precisely how the money is spent.” At this point, $6 billion is a rounding error for Musk and the economic divide the offer represents is at the core of the globe’s problems. And I’m guessing $6 billion stops a current emergency as opposed to solving world hunger. But I’ll still get in on this deal. If Musk gives the $6 billion, I’ll buy a Tesla.