“‘We got to everyone,’ said a Trump aide. ‘We got McConnell, we got to McCarthy.’ The message: If you vote for impeachment, ‘you’re screwed.’ By the end of September 2021, GOP lawmakers around the country would introduce more than 400 bills restricting voting access — and would pass 33 laws in 19 states. And Republicans lining up to run for office were echoing Trump’s false claims that he won the 2020 election. By the end of summer, nearly a third of the 390 GOP candidates who had expressed interest in running for statewide office publicly supported a partisan audit, downplayed the Jan. 6 attack or directly questioned Biden’s victory, according to a tally by The Post. Among them: 10 candidates running for secretary of state, a position with sway over elections in many states.” CONTAGION: “Threats and disinformation spread across the country in the wake of the Capitol siege, shaking the underpinnings of American democracy.” WaPo’s tagline is Democracy Dies in Darkness. But light alone is not enough. So much of what the Post reports we have seen with our own eyes. Thus, in the end, this can’t just be a story about darkness and light. It has to be a story about consequences.