“Bryce Jones has seen it all trying to fly his drones: equipment hiccups, execution mishaps, the time he miscalculated the takeoff angle and flew a vehicle right into a tree.
Jones isn’t a hobbyist messing with backflips at the local park — he’s head of Flash Forest, a start-up with the unusual idea of deploying drones to bombard the landscape with seedpods for trees. A billion trees, to be exact.” WaPo (Gift Article for ND Readers): A few idealistic Canadians are trying to replant the world’s forests with flying machines.

+ How Pickleball Won Over Everyone From Leonardo DiCaprio to Your Grandparents.

+ Climate change in India: The young inventor’s solar-powered ironing cart.

+ “Each tiny home comes at an estimated cost of $65,000 per unit, making it the least expensive source of homeless housing available in Los Angeles County, and every home in the village has been hand-painted by renowned YouTube artist Zach Hsieh, alongside a crew of other artists he recruited to beautify the village.” Check out LA’s Tiny Home Village.

+ The Taliban will allow a national polio vaccination campaign in Afghanistan, says WHO. (So now the Taliban is more sane about vaccinations than many Americans?)

+ 750,000-panel solar farm will power Colorado steel mill.

+ “You’ve got some toys for me?” Says the operator. “Yep. Come over and see them,” the boy says.” Boy, 4, dials emergency number, invites police to see his toys.