“In-N-Out acknowledged the enforcement violation, calling San Francisco’s indoor vaccination requirement ‘intrusive, improper, and offensive’ governmental ‘overreach.’ ‘We refuse to become the vaccination police for any government.'” (When I was underaged, my friends and I used to look for liquor stores that refused to become the police for any government and would let us buy up. Next time I go to In-N-Out, I think I’ll go with no shoes, no shirts—and no pants. Rules are made to be broken. P.S. I often refill my drink without paying for it, so I hope In-N-Out also refuses to be the carbonation police.)

+ Flipboard has a new podcast called the Art of Curation. I was on it. I am the algorithm. A conversation with the “internet’s managing editor.” (I have no idea why they put my official title in ironic quotes.) There will be more of these. And some of them got VERY personal. Whatever it takes. I’m selling a damn book, people.