What to Roy: This was the easiest pick of all time. Succession is back on HBO. If you missed the first two seasons, you are lucky and about to have the best weekend ever.

+ What to Watch: Hulu’s Dopesick starring Michael Keaton provides another look at the Sacklers and the oxycontin story. This really is one of the biggest stories in 21st century America. And it’s strongly connected to the fix we currently find ourselves in. For more on the topic, check out Eric Eyre’s Death in Mud Lick, Patrick Radden Keefe’s Empire of Pain, and John Temple’s American Pain.

+ What to Dave: My whole childhood was spent consuming news and discussing it with my parents. I’ve spent decades digesting and regurgitating the news for you, an audience that refers to me as the Internet’s Managing Editor. Long story short, I’ve been training to write the book Please Scream Inside Your Heart my whole life. I guarantee you’ll love it. Amazon | BookShop.org | Green Apple (signed copies). The book is almost here and these pre-orders are incredibly helpful in the book world.