British R&B band Soul II Soul partly foreshadowed this moment with their lyric, Back to life, back to reality…However do you want me, however do you need me. But as we emerge from the pandemic, fewer employees are waiting around to see how their employers want and need them, and are instead focusing on what they want out of work, and more importantly, life. The Atlantic’s Derek Thompson on the resetting of worker expectations. The Great Resignation Is Accelerating. “The basic terms of employment are undergoing a Great Reset. The pandemic thrust many families into a homebound lifestyle reminiscent of the 19th-century agrarian economy—but this time with screens galore and online delivery. More families today work at home, cook at home, care for kids at home, entertain themselves at home, and even school their kids at home. The writer Aaron M. Renn has called this the rise of the DIY family, and it represents a new vision of work-life balance that is still coming into focus.” This is all the more complex for people who work on the internet. My work/life balance usually comes down to which browser tab I have open.