It’s pretty bad when you’re vaccinated, everyone you love is vaccinated, and you know full well how important Covid vaccinations are, but you still keep cravenly pretending mandates and other efforts to get past this pandemic are attacks on freedom and ‘merica because stirring up falsehoods among your rabid base is more important than saving lives. But it’s actually worse than that. Just as false attacks on the election of 2020 are damaging not only to trust in that election but also to trust in democratic institutions writ large, attacks on the Covid vaccines not only lower support for those life-saving, borderline miraculous vaccines, they also lower support for the other vaccines that have been saving our lives for a long time. Do you think parents should be required to have their children vaccinated against infectious diseases? That used to be a question that received similar answers across party lines. Until 2021, when 85% of Democrats answered yes and only 46% of Republicans answered yes. WaPo (Gift Article for NextDraft Readers): The slippery slope of the GOP’s anti-vaccine-mandate push. It’s America’s slippery slope from Jonas Salk to Kyrie Irving.