“All humans share 99.9 percent of their genes. This explains why even ‘super-agers,’ born with tiny genetic differences that promote longevity, almost never surpass 110. (Jeanne Louise Calment of France was an outlier, living until the age of 122, the current record.) Some animals make it well beyond that mark, according to Jan Vijg, a molecular geneticist at the Albert Einstein College of Medicine. Scientists know just one way for humans to live 170 years like a giant tortoise: become a giant tortoise.” But there are ways to add some years (which years is another issue). Some are diet related. Some are exercise related. And some are connected to being an optimistic, loving person. (I’m 0 for 3, but at least I won’t have to live with that feeling for too long.) WaPo (Gift Article for NextDraft Readers): Want to add healthy years to your life? Here’s what new longevity research says.