“Bernard noted that the affected brain regions were ‘all linked to the olfactory bulb,’ which sends signals from the nose to the brain. It also connects to the temporal lobe, home of the hippocampus — which is key to memory and cognition.” SF Chronicle: Here’s what Bay Area doctors say about how COVID affects the brain. “A new study from Oxford University offers the worrisome suggestion that the coronavirus not only can shrink the brain, but also reduce ‘gray matter thickness,’ damage tissue in areas associated with the sense of smell, and cause more than 60 other long-term changes to that essential organ.” This one is paywalled, but the key point is that Covid can be bad for your brain.

+ So can politics. Texas Gov. Greg Abbott orders a ban on all COVID-19 vaccine mandates in the state.

+ Pointless Guard: Kyrie Irving is the NBA’s last vaccine holdout. He’s also the NBA’s most notable flat earther. I just leave it at that.