“‘Erotic audios go deeper than visual,’ Mistress Lillith says. ‘It starts to touch the client on a more cerebral level.'” Inside the secretly vibrant business of p-rn MP3s. (In the business, we call this ear-waxing off.)

+ “The structure, located in the covered walkway connecting East 10th and East 11th streets, is a Telepoem Booth. People can examine the booth’s directory, dial a number on the old-fashioned rotary phone and hear a poem read aloud.” Dubuque telephone booth offers direct line to poetry.” (I mean, you just have to enter an enclosed public space, touch a shared dial, and let the earpiece of a communal phone actually touch the flesh of your ear. I’m not sure even erotic audio is worth that…)

+ Planes, Trains and Yaks: Five of the World’s Most Remote Bars.