“Safari 15 for Mac is a tragic own goal — a de facto gift to Chrome and its growing browser hegemony. The option to turn off “Show color in tab bar” is an admittedly appreciated glass of ice water in hell. But true relief from the boiling hot sun of these craptacular ‘tabs’ is just a download away.” John Gruber on The Tragedy of Safari 15 for Mac’s ‘Tabs‘. (And the tabs aren’t even the worst part. The Reading List, which I use to gather stories for NextDraft, doesn’t hold state in the left sidebar. So every time you open the sidebar, you need to re-select Reading List. Oh, the browser also quits randomly when saving book marks and when you opt to “re-open” it, it opens a Terminal window. It’s actually unbelievable a company as big as Apple would release a product this bad and then just stick people with it for days…)