I’m glad we now have a new whistleblower explaining that Facebook values user attention and growth above all else. But did we really learn anything that wasn’t already blatantly obvious? We all already know the truth. The question, as always, is whether anyone will care. The market has, and will continue to, reward Facebook’s model. Users have now been bombarded with years of stories about what Facebook’s goals are. And Americans just watched Facebook’s engagement-fixated algorithm help push democracy to the edge. You think we were all just waiting for one more person to put their lips together and blow? The big problem with Facebook is how big they are. It’s not that Zuckerberg makes the wrong decisions for democracy. It’s that one unelected boy king has that kind of power in the first place. From 60 Minutes: “Frances Haugen says in her time with Facebook she saw, ‘conflicts of interest between what was good for the public and what was good for Facebook.'” (Yeah, I hear those kinds of conflicts of interest are going around these days…)

+ Meanwhile, Facebook and Instagram were down on Monday morning (which, at this point, is like saying, a global superpower can’t be located at the moment). Maybe you guys got Zuck so mad that he turned it off. It definitely appears to be some kind of attack as Facebook’s domain records were listed for sale. And even Jack Dorsey took notice.