What to Hear: This will be a good sounding weekend for sure. Brandi Carlile’s latest album just dropped. Bonus: Brandi Carlile Join Pearl Jam Onstage To Sing Better Man.

+ What to Paul: Yes, Rick Rubin needs a shave and a decent pair of sensible shoes. And yes, someone on the directorial team should have told Paul McCartney not to chew gum throughout episodes. But it is crazy fun to to listen to Paul talk about his creative process while playing back Beatles tunes (and to see how much crazy fun he has doing it). McCartney 3, 2, 1 on Hulu.

+ What to Watch: Scenes From a Marriage on HBO is intense (and yes, my wife wishes I could be more like Oscar Isaac). But it’s rivetingly watchable. Another winner from producer extraordinaire Michael Ellenberg.

+ What to Order: My mom survived Kristallnacht before escaping WWII Germany. My dad was the only member of his family to survive. He joined the Partisans and lived a heroic life. My book, Please Scream Inside Your Heart, channels their messages about today’s America. It’s also funny. Order a copy now and hang on to the receipt for something fun soon. Amazon | BookShop.org | Green Apple (signed copies).