“Ament weathered his own emotional storms, he said, with the help of a backyard skateboard ramp in a small and remote Montana town called Big Sandy, where he grew up. Skateboarding, he says from personal experience, is deeply therapeutic for disaffected youth in similar places.” NYT (Gift Article for ND Readers): A Rock Star’s Next Act: Making Montana a Skateboarding Oasis.

+ How three Jewish and Arab families swapped kidneys, saved their mothers and made history.

+ Culture Revolution: Chobani CEO Hamdi Ulukaya is using his yogurt empire to help resettle Afghan refugees.

+ The police officer took a bruised toddler from an abusive home. She took his heart.

+ Could The Escaped Zebras Survive Roaming Around Prince George’s County Forever?

+ “One photo in particular showing Conte and a group of other male dignitaries admiring the statue has gone viral in Italy, as the gleaner deftly covers her breasts with one hand and looks behind her at the sea, with the imagined sea breeze revealing the curvature of her bum to the assembled politicians.” An Unnecessarily Sexy Statue Is Provoking Some Strong Feelings in Italy. (I’m not sure if this is actually feel good or not. But I have to admit, I’d like to feel it and see. The Statue of David thinks this is too revealing!)