What to Read: “The destruction of democracy might not come until November 2024, but critical steps in that direction are happening now. In a little more than a year, it may become impossible to pass legislation to protect the electoral process in 2024. Now it is impossible only because anti-Trump Republicans, and even some Democrats, refuse to tinker with the filibuster. It is impossible because, despite all that has happened, some people still wish to be good Republicans even as they oppose Trump. These decisions will not wear well as the nation tumbles into full-blown crisis.” It was hard for me to choose just one quote from this must-read, dead-on piece from Robert Kagan in WaPo (Gift Article for ND Readers): Our constitutional crisis is already here. This piece contains so much of what I was trying to get across in 2020 and so much of what I’ve tried to warn about since. But it does it better than I have. Please read and share.

+ To hammer home some of Kagen’s points, consider this: While the draft report from “Cyber Ninjas” confirmed that Biden won Arizona, Trump isn’t accepting that and he’s strong-armed Texas into auditing four counties’ 2020 elections months after an official called the statewide process ‘smooth and secure.'” People are going along with Trump’s demands. It is a political emergency. This is not about the last election. It’s about the next one.

+ What to Doc: Count Me In is a fun documentary on Netflix that features drummers talking about drumming and playing drums.