A couple days ago, I explained how the Gabby Petito case bubbled up from the internet to the mainstream press, even though it’s just one of many, many such cases. Consider this: “Tens of thousands of Black girls and women go missing every year. Last year, that figure was nearly 100,000. Yet their cases hardly ever grab national headlines.” A journalist in California is doing what she can to try to change that, by telling as many of their stories as she can. (And it’s a one woman show.)

+ It’s not just that certain stories get more coverage. That coverage leads to a lot more effort and resources directed at solving the case. “The Petito case has highlighted the disparity in police resources and media attention often focused on missing white women compared to missing people of color and generated calls for law enforcement to treat all cases similarly.” All-out search, media attention for Gabby Petito reveals glaring disparity for Wyoming’s Indigenous people.