“Steve Tomlinson takes pride in the details at Carversville Farm, the 388-acre certified-organic spread he manages here in bucolic Bucks County. There’s the high-tech poultry barn, where an automated system ensures that wobbly week-old chickens get just the right amount of light, heat, ventilation and food. There’s the 10-foot-long steel barrel washer, which gently buffs a pile of freshly dug Lehigh potatoes, and the acre of Bolero carrots now emerging from dark topsoil that took Mr. Tomlinson nearly half a decade to restore.” NYT (Gift Article for ND Readers): Their Produce Is Pristine Enough for Picky Chefs. But They Give It Away.

+ A daily pill to treat COVID could be just months away.

+ Photo shows one house miraculously unaffected by volcano eruption in the Canary Islands.

+ Artist Thierry Mandon likes to chill on the outside of buildings.

+ Magic Mushrooms May Be the Biggest Advance in Treating Depression Since Prozac. (I think I use some for preventative measures.)