“This blast of dudgeon over his authority to coach the boys’ basketball team in his spare time — he already coaches the girls’ team — was par for the course in Mr. Justice’s tenure as governor of West Virginia. A coal mining tycoon and the state’s richest person, Mr. Justice, whose two terms in office have been richly marbled with conflicts of interest, has generally bulldozed past various rules and obligations. He has been hounded by private companies, federal agencies and county governments for hundreds of millions in unpaid bills, and he was sued, successfully, for preferring to spend his nights at his home in Greenbrier rather than in the state capital, as the State Constitution mandates.” NYT (Gift Article for ND Readers): A Governor’s High School Basketball Dreams Are Blocked. And He Is Crying Foul. (This story is a metaphor for American politics today. The dude lives where he wants, does what he wants, is failing wildly on Covid, and wants to coach two basketball teams in his spare time … and he has massive polling support.)