The CDC will have the final say, but after an all-day meeting, vaccine advisers to the US Food and Drug Administration rejected Pfizer’s application to add a third booster dose of its coronavirus vaccine to the two-dose regimen.

+ Meanwhile, much of the world is waiting for a first shot. WaPo: U.S. to buy hundreds of millions more doses of Pfizer vaccine to donate to the world.

+ Then, there is the infuriating group who won’t take the life and community saving vaccine because of misinformation. WaPo (gift article for ND readers): A doctor called coronavirus vaccines ‘fake.’ Now he sits on an Idaho regional health board. “The Republican commissioners of the county — which encompasses the state capital, Boise — said they welcomed Ryan Cole’s ‘outsider’ perspective and willingness to ‘question’ established medical guidance.” (This is death cult behavior.)

+ The results of the vax sweepstakes are in. Moderna is the champ coming in at 93% effective, followed by Pfizer at 88% (and since my life depended on that one, I will definitely remember who came in second place), and J&J came in at 71%. All of them were much better than putting yourself and your community at increased risk because of something you heard on talk radio.