Denmark lifts all Covid restrictions as vaccinations top 80%. (We’re close. The mandates can get us there.)

+ Moderna developing single-dose booster shot for Covid and flu.

+ “Now, as the dregs of summer heat engulf our porch during the day, Dave and I have noticed a change, again, with Kevin. He comes by for lap cuddles, but not for as long, and he darts off to another neighbors’ place during the day to sleep under a car. We continue to put out a bowl of water for him.” Pandemic love story: The whims of Kevin, our neighbors’ cat. (One of my cats went to a neighbor’s house so often that she finally just moved in and now she’s my neighbor’s cat.)

+ Amazon to cover 100% of college tuition for U.S. hourly employees.

+ Researchers Accidentally Discover World’s Northernmost Island Due to GPS Error.

+ 1,500-Year-Old Gold Treasure Trove Found by Danish Man with Metal Detector.

+ 100-year-old Tampa grandma sets Guinness World Record for weight lifting.