A group of Afghan women activists staged a small protest in Taliban-controlled Kabul Friday calling for equal rights and full participation in political life.

+ Former district attorney indicted in connection to Ahmaud Arbery investigation.

+ South Lake Tahoe restaurant gave hundreds of burritos to fire crews before Caldor Fire evacuation. (Even better, the winds seem to have let up enough to save South Lake Tahoe. This time.)

+ Paddle boarder’s close encounter with two curious whales. Wow.

+ Experience: I found the largest truffle in the world. “My friends and family were supportive of my decision. If I had sold it, it would never have had the same impact. I was like a hero in my community.” (This dude sounds like he’s on shrooms.)

+ Amazon is encouraging pot smokers to get jobs as delivery drivers. (Good, because this newsletter gig don’t pay shit.)