“Despite long-haulers’ fight for recognition, any discussion of the pandemic still largely revolves around two extremes—good health at one end, and hospitalization or death at the other. This ignores the hinterland of disability that lies in between, where millions of people are already stuck, and where many more may end up.” Ed Yong in The Atlantic: Long-Haulers Are Fighting for Their Future. “Neglecting them could make the pandemic even worse.”

+ NYT: Another Hidden Covid Risk: Lingering Kidney Problems.

+ “As students and staff return to school, the highly transmissible Delta variant of Covid-19 has caused cases, hospitalizations and death rates to soar across the country.” So what’s the response of Florida Gov Ron DeSantis? The Florida Department of Education is planning to withhold salaries for Broward, Alachua county boards that have issued mask mandates. (The culture wars are coming for your kids.)

+ Last year, Bonnaroo was canceled for the pandemic. This year, it’s been canceled because of the flooding.