Weekend Whats

What to Watch: I liked White Lotus more, but it was basically satirizing me (the jerk newlywed husband was right, he should get the room his mother paid for!). Nine Perfect Strangers on Hulu leaves me unscathed. I’ve never willingly participated in wellness.

+ What to Hear: CNN chief international correspondent Clarissa Ward on Fresh Air discussing, What It’s Like To Be A Woman Reporting On The Taliban: ‘They Don’t Look At You.’

+ What to Pickle: I’m a pickle fanatic. But they can take a lot waiting. Not these. Refrigerator Bread and Butter Pickles. (Crinkle cutting is mandatory.)

+ What to Support: It’s no joke. California is burning. Tahoe is in danger. My artist friends Annie and Eric have been raising money for fire victims and fighters for years. This year, they were among those required to evacuate. Their response? An art sale to raise money for fire fighters and victims.

+ What to Dave: Norman Lear said, “I can’t recall a more engaging read.” Norman is my hero. But you shouldn’t need anyone else to convince you pre-order my book! Order Please Scream Inside Your Heart today. (And save your proof of purchase. It will be good for something soon.) Pick your favorite online bookstore or order it from Green Apple Books for a signed copy (it can be mailed or picked up in the store). IndieBound | Amazon | | BookShop.org | Powells

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