During many games this season you’ll have two ways to watch Monday Night Football. You can watch the main broadcast on ESPN. Or you can listen to the gametime musings of the Manning brothers on ESPN2. It’s about time. This option should have been offered a long time ago, and it should be dramatically expanded. Viewers should have multiple versions of the game to choose from, and everyone from influencers to regular consumers should be able to take a shot at calling the games and building their own followings. As long as the video and commercials all stay the same, the networks and leagues still make the money, and I can finally get out of the news business and into the virtual sports commentator booth. And while we’re on the topic, there is no good reason why baseball fans should be forced to separate from their local TV announcers when their teams make it to the playoffs. Let the national audience watch the national broadcast and let me stick with the Giants’ announcers as the team plows through the playoffs and onto their fourth 21st century World Series win.