At least 13 people, including several US Marines, were killed in two suicide bombings in Kabul. Hospitals are reporting a high number of injuries, so those numbers could increase. A senior Kabul official said more than 60 were killed. Here’s the latest from BBC and CNN. (This should be a wake-up call to the media to remember that loss of American military lives is a risk of war and to stop pretending that the whole Afghanistan story is about the first few days of the evacuation.)

+ Powerful take from Phil Klay in The New Yorker: American Purpose After the Fall of Kabul. “9/11 unified America. It overcame partisan divides, bound us together, and gave us the sense of common purpose so lacking in today’s poisonous politics. And nothing that we have done as a nation since has been so catastrophically destructive as what we did when we were enraptured by the warm glow of victimization and felt like we could do anything, together.”