Love always wins in the end. When it comes to the internet, that applies mostly to self-love. Adult content on the internet appeared about five minutes after the first modem was booted up, it has driven many technical innovations, and it is the one form of bipartisan, cross-cultural social media that has never gone out of style. Just days ago, OnlyFans announced that it would be banning explicit content from its site, mostly due to banks refusing to do business with them. Faced with the prospect of being LonelyFans, the site’s customers went ballistic. OnlyFans heard the grunts and groans (angry, not satisfied) and reversed course. Either that or they found banks willing to do business with them. Whatever it was, adult content on the internet remains undefeated. NPR: Reversing a Planned Ban, OnlyFans Will Allow Pornography on Its Site After All.

+ “It was only six years ago that the NFL forced the cancellation of scheduled appearances by then-Dallas Cowboys star Tony Romo and other players at a fantasy football convention in Las Vegas. The nation’s most popular and prosperous pro sports league wouldn’t allow even that tenuous link between its players and bettors, citing a policy prohibiting appearances associated with gambling establishments.” Times have changed. So have laws. And so, most importantly, have revenue streams. WaPo (gift article or ND readers): The NFL once viewed sports betting as a threat. Now the league wants the action. (Gambling has a win streak almost as consistent as adult content. If you can’t beat ’em, join ’em?)