When it comes to the Afghanistan story, the one thing every decent person can agree on is that the refugees fleeing for their lives deserve our support. The NextDraft community can help by donating money to Obodo. The program is run by a friend of mine. All the money goes towards getting supplies to those evacuees who need it most. I donated. I hope you will too.

+ “Take your wife and kids. Hide your documents, bring no luggage and pass the Taliban checkpoints. And this time, go to a different entrance to the airport.” NPR: The Story Of How An Afghan Interpreter And His Family Escaped Afghanistan.

+ An NYT video mini-doc on How the U.S. military response to the 9/11 attacks led to decades of war. The video features my friend Jeff Eggers. He has served at every level (from Navy Seal to presidential policy advisor). Here’s a piece he recently wrote. We chose not to win in Afghanistan.

+ “Prince, who faces U.N. sanctions over his sketchy work in Libya and whose Blackwater guards were convicted of murder in 2014 while providing security for Americans in Iraq, told the WSJ he is charging upwards of $6,500 a seat on a private charter out of Kabul.” Blackwater Founder Erik Prince Charging $6,500 for Seat on Flight Out of Kabul. (At least he’s consistent.)

+ 82,300 have been evacuated so far. Here’s the latest from BBC.