You’re making your doctor sick. “It’s been a long two years, and quite frankly, we are all exhausted, both physically and psychologically.” The adrenaline is long gone. The “we’re all in this together” spirit has been taken off life support. And, as a society, we’re letting health workers down in a big way. Dozens of overworked florida doctors joined together to beg people to get vaccinated.

+ CVS has mandated complete Covid-19 vaccination for its nurses, pharmacists and other employees who face patients. (This wasn’t the case until now.)

+ Pfizer has a name for its fully approved vaccine: Comirnaty. Say what? Moderna’s will be called Spikevax.

+ Several steps remain before kids under 12 can be vaccinated.

+ A sad NYT mini-doc: Dying in the Name of Vaccine Freedom.