What to Pod: “Toddlers actually get it pretty right. Where it gets complicated is in the grown-up world, where businesses and governments have figured out ways to turn each of those simple stories—mine, possession—upside down, so they can get you to do what they want without you even realizing it.” The excellent Dahlia Lithwick with a really interesting chat with Michael Heller, author of Mine!: How the Hidden Rules of Ownership Control Our Lives. And it starts in the most contentious place of all. The Fierce Legal Battle at the Heart of the Fight Over Reclining Airline Seats.

+ What to Brush Up On: It seems like a good time to gain some expertise on what the hell has been happening in Afghanistan. For that, we’ll turn to Steve Coll’s audiobook, Directorate S: The C.I.A. and America’s Secret Wars in Afghanistan and Pakistan. If you prefer it, the paperback is here.

+ What to Playlist: “One artist per congressional district in the USA. (Based off the 2020 Congressional map. The curator reserves the right to redistrict in instances of heinous gerrymandering.)” Very cool idea. A guy named Andrew Becker put together a Spotify playlist based on America’s 435 districts. House Party (of Representatives)

+ What to Book: My book, damnit. The best-seller list placement isn’t going to happen by itself. If you’ve already ordered a copy, please take a couple seconds to use my new one-click share tool to spread the word. I appreciate need all the support.