This man’s career as a host lasted only one 1/6th of Scaramucci. Who is Mike Richards? The show that requires its contestants to phrase their answers as questions has left its audience wondering What is WTF? Mike Richards started taping his first shows on August 19 and was out by the next day due to the building controversy over his nearly decade-ago remarks about women and Jews (double Jeopardy?). Maybe it’s karma for the game show since they took viewers through a series of host auditions and then ignored their feedback. Maybe it was the impossible task of replacing Alex Trebek (they were never gonna find someone as nice as a Canadian). Maybe it’s just that history is calling for Lavar Burton to become host. Whatever it is, Mike Richards Out as ‘Jeopardy!’ Host Amid Cascade of Scandals. I’m leading with this partly because it’s been a long week of much more serious and urgent news. And partly because it points to a broader trend of people’s past comments coming back to haunt them. How long will this trend continue? I don’t know, but at least I phrased my question as a question.

+ Dictionary dot com threw some shade.