What to Scream: For those who missed the big announcement, I wrote a book called Please Scream Inside Your Heart. After I wrote the book, I challenged Sean Martell and Bryan Bell to design the best book landing page of all time. And they did. Please order the book today, and if you’ve got a second, share this page with a few (or few thousand) friends. The early orders often determine a book’s success. And the reputation of the NextDraft community is at stake. I really appreciate the support. (Those who were among the first hundred purchasers and won free t-shirts will be notified as soon as I stop refreshing my sales stats page.)

+ What to Hear: The album was completed a decade or more ago. The songs are as fresh (topically and sonically) as if they were written last week. Prince’s Welcome to America is finally out.

+ What to Read: “Such a problem might appear to be a simple one. People were growing coffee in a place where everyone seemed to agree they shouldn’t be. The forest was already well recognized as important, worth saving, formally protected. How hard could it really be, then, to do something about this?” Short answer? Hard. NYT Mag: How Your Cup of Coffee Is Clearing the Jungle. (Maybe it’s time to switch back to cocaine.)