“In simple terms, many people who caught the original virus didn’t pass it to anyone, but most people who catch Delta create clusters of infection. That partly explains why cases have risen so explosively. It also means that the virus will almost certainly be a permanent part of our lives, even as vaccines blunt its ability to cause death and severe disease.” The excellent Ed Yong in The Atlantic: How the Pandemic Now Ends.

+ Just because the virus will be around doesn’t mean our leaders should be on its side. However, being a presidential contender in today’s GOP seems to require that strategy. Florida and Texas account for nearly 40% of new coronavirus hospitalizations.

+ 2 Days Into The School Year, A Florida District Asked 440 Students To Quarantine. (Masking doesn’t take away freedom. It enables it.)

+ Mask up. Get vaccinated. And we can still have nice things. The Good News From Lollapalooza About COVID.