Yes, there is more coverage of the bad things people do when it comes to Covid (and most other things). But those are hardly the only stories. One Woman’s Mission to Get Vaccines to Her Rural Alabama Town.

+ Moderna to begin human trials of HIV mRNA vaccines by the end of the year.

+ Round one of child tax credit payments slashed hunger rates.

+ San Antonio business to build, donate food truck to Olympic gold medalist for her mother.

+ Travelling family grateful for Hughenden’s outback generosity in rescuing beloved toy.

+ Field of Dreams game: Walk-off homer caps Hollywood ending for White Sox. (What would be a dream would be to watch the Dodgers lose there.) OK, OK, a Dodger did make the coolest slide of all time. (Tho, the team’s slide to being 5 games behind the Giants is also impressive.)

+ And don’t forget to make my Friday feel good and share the Please Scream book landing page. (Man, that was smooth and subtle, eh?)