The fight that pits humanity vs climate change isn’t over. But so far, humanity has been beaten up, knocked around the ring, and dropped to the canvas a few times. And even in this heat, climate change has barely broken a sweat, choosing to just sit back and watch as humanity punches itself in the gut. In short, the bad news is that the scientists we ignored when they accurately warned us about the risks of temperature hikes, sea rises, and deadly weather patterns are back to inform us that what they said would happen has happened and things are, inevitably, going to get worse in the coming years. BBC: Climate change: IPCC report is ‘code red for humanity.’ The good news is that all is not lost. We know what’s causing the changes and we know how to slow things down before the Earth turns into a rolling fireball. All we have to do is come together as humans, follow the science, and do what it takes to change course before it’s too late. You know, sort of how we handled Covid.

+ Five things we have learned from the IPCC report.

+ “There’s no going back.” Vox: The devastating new UN report on climate change, explained.

+ Meanwhile, firefighters tackle historic California wildfire, and the Greece wildfires? “It’s like a horror movie but it’s real life.” (And there’s not much time to change the script.)