Think you’re tired of this bullshit? Imagine how health workers feel. Amid covid surge, hospitals suffer from worker burnout that forces some to walk off.

+ As COVID cases surge, Montana officials say nursing homes can’t require vaccinations. (It’s a shame that the age of idiocy overlaps the age of Covid.)

+ GOP congressman suing Pelosi over mask fines tests positive for COVID-19. (See above parenthetical.)

+ Some Florida School Districts Will Require Masks. The Governor May Cut Their Funding. (See above parenthetical.)

+ “Me and my brother are siblings, so we have our fights, but I love him and I’d hate for him and any other child who can’t get vaccinated to get sick or die. You’ve been seeing a lot of kids who can’t get vaccinated or who are unvaccinated and have been like really vulnerable end up in hospitals or dying, and it’s terrible. I don’t want that to happen to anybody because it’s just so horrifying.” Florida 12-year-old advocates for mask mandates in schools.