Kids today have missed activities and school for fires, floods, and a pandemic. Several camps shutter due to poor air quality. This roller coaster is rough on us. But it’s gonna have a lasting impact on the next generation.

+ That’s a longterm issue I worry about. But it’s hard for anyone to focus on the long term when they’re in one of the many extreme fire zones. California’s Dixie Fire swallows historic town of Greenville, burns so hot lamp posts melt. And satellite imagery shows massive smoke plumes rising above California.

+ It’s not just California or even America. Our common bond is the impact of climate change. When I first saw the photo on the left, I thought it was Sausalito. Instead, it’s a place halfway around the world – the island of Evia, 100 miles north of Greece. But it’s not just the landscape that’s familiar…

+ That’s the current situation. The forecast calls for worse. Scientists spot warning signs of Gulf Stream collapse.