Five Ring Circus

“Larry Crouser, 86, passed away the day before his grandson flew to Tokyo for his second Olympics.” Years earlier, he had gotten his grandson into Shot Put. It paid off. The meaning behind Ryan Crouser’s gold-medal note to his grandfather.

+ Carli Lloyd and Megan Rapinoe led the US to a bronze in women’s soccer. The win included a made goal from a corner kick by Rapinoe.

+ “Carl Lewis called it a ‘clown show.’ Michael Johnson said it was ’embarrassing and ridiculous.’ And they were right.” Man, the 4x100m men’s relay was ugly for team USA.

+ Is the Olympic track faster than those that came before it? Hell yes. It was designed to be.

+ She’s 14 Years Old And Just Scored 2 Perfect 10s To Win A Gold Medal In Diving.

+ How Olympic divers make the perfect tiny splash. (I didn’t see anything in this piece to help me with the love handle factor.)

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