“First, an admission: I know very little about the sport of equestrian. That said, I do possess a lot of knowledge about Bruce Springsteen.” Matthew Futterman writes a fun, entertaining article about covering Jessica Springsteen at the Olympics, which is really a blatantly obvious effort to get the Boss to read his work—a strategy I wholeheartedly endorse as I’ve written a few decades’ worth of newsletters just to get Bruce to subscribe. NYT (gift article for ND readers): A Springsteen Fan Takes in a Springsteen Show at the Olympics.

+ Another 400m thriller that featured the top two competitors both breaking the world record. This time, Sydney McLaughlin took home the gold. (I think the two hurdling winners give humanity just the opportunity we’ve been waiting for: The chance to create a Super Baby!)

+ “She’s officially confirmed her bid for the Olympic distance triple on the track and has won the first of the three events, the 5,000m — on the same day when she fell in the heat of the 1500m, got back up, and chased down the pack to win.” Sifan Hassan goes for an incredible triple.

+ This Is How Horses Get To The Olympics, plus a bunch of other random questions and answers.

+ Are horses being spooked by a Sumo statue on the jumping course?