“So many shoes have dropped in the Andrew Cuomo sexual-harassment saga that the governor could open up a Florsheim outlet out on I-90. And each time, as each allegation piled up and each Democratic official called on him to resign … it surely seemed like the end of Cuomo’s long reign. And yet it wasn’t.” NY Mag: How on Earth Does Cuomo Survive This? “The sexual-harassment report wasn’t a bombshell; it was a nuclear blast. And yet.”

+ Of course Chris Cuomo helped his brother manage the story. And of course that violation can’t be allowed to happen without recourse. CNN suspended Jeff Toobin for a silly mistake that his colleagues forgave and that had zero relation to his reporting. But Chris Cuomo gets to stick around? Come on, CNN. CNN Is Still Standing By Chris Cuomo, Despite His Role In His Brother’s Alleged Sexual Harassment Saga.