Tuck, Tuck, Truce

“The Fox News host Tucker Carlson on Monday evening announced he would be broadcasting his show ‘Tucker Carlson Tonight’ this week from Budapest, as he visits the Hungarian capital and meets with the country’s populist prime minister, Viktor Orbán. Carlson is also billed to speak Saturday at a far-right conference in Budapest.” (It’s nice that two democracy destroyers can get together and exchange tips.)

+ Heather Cox Richardson describes a Hungary that probably sounds great to many anti-democracy Americans. “No matter what he calls it, Orbán’s model is not democracy at all. As soon as he retook office in 2010, he began to establish control over the media, cracking down on those critical of his party, Fidesz, and rewarding those who toed the party line. In 2012, his supporters rewrote the country’s constitution to strengthen his hand, and extreme gerrymandering gave his party more power while changes to election rules benefited his campaigns. Increasingly, he used the power of the state to concentrate wealth among his cronies, and he reworked the country’s judicial system and civil service system to stack it with his loyalists. While Hungary still has elections, state control of the media and the apparatus of voting means that it is impossible for Orbán’s opponents to take power.” If you sponsor Fox News, these are your dollars (and Forints) at work.

+ Here’s a shocker: Trump raised millions but spent none of it on audits and GOP candidates.

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