What to Audiobook: I’ve been listening to and loving Peter Coyote’s memoir, The Rainman’s Third Cure. It’s incredibly vivid, detailed, and well written. And as a bonus, you get to spend 8 hours with one of the greatest voices in narration.

+ What to Watch: HBO’s The White Lotus is an entertaining, satirical look at a group of people on vacation at a Hawaiian resort. It’s not perfect, but some of the characters will seem remarkably familiar.

+ What to Read: “The terrible experience of the past year and a half has also offered an opportunity to make sense of what drives gun violence, and how to deter it. The coronavirus pandemic, and the decisions that officials made in response to it, had the effect of undoing or freezing countless public and social services that are believed to have a preventative effect on violence. Removing them, almost simultaneously, created a sort of unintended stress test, revealing how essential they are to preserving social order.” Alec MacGillis in ProPublica: What Philadelphia Reveals About America’s Homicide Surge.