“I woke up today at the start of my 100th year as a citizen of this beautiful, bewildering country. I am proud of the progress we’ve made in my first 99 years, and it breaks my heart to see it undermined by politicians more committed to their own power than the principles that should bind us together. Frankly, I am baffled and disturbed that 21st-century Americans must still struggle to protect their right to vote.” The great Norman Lear in WaPo (a gift article to celebrate Norman’s birthday): As I begin my 100th year, I’m baffled that voting rights are still under attack.

+ Margaret Sullivan in WaPo: “Mainstream journalists want their work to be perceived as fair-minded and nonpartisan. They want to defend themselves against charges of bias. So they equalize the unequal. This practice seems so ingrained as to be unresolvable.” Our democracy is under attack. Washington journalists must stop covering it like politics as usual. Amen.