(Note: My Olympics coverage will be a no spoilers zone, and focus more on stories than results. I’ll only mention outcomes that are more than 24 hours old.)

+ “Going into these Games, few figured to be checking for Hadzic, the 29-year-old épée alternate on a US team that was a longshot to win a medal. The notable exception: six female fencers who wrote to the United States Olympic & Paralympic Committee (USOPC) in May demanding for an Olympic ban for Hadzic, the prime focus of an investigation into multiple accusations of sexual assault.” Sha’Carri Richardson and Alen Hadzic. One gold medal favorite is out for smoking weed. The other, an also-ran fencer is in, despite multiple accusations of sexual assault.

+ “Pure exhaustion caused Norwegian Olympic triathlete Kristian Blummenfelt to take the idea of ‘leaving it all out there’ to a whole new level after his gold medal-winning performance in Tokyo.” Norwegian triathlete pukes after winning Olympic gold medal, taken away in wheelchair. (He also didn’t have the look of a gold medalist. Watching it on TV, I joked that Phil Collins had somehow snuck into the triathlon. Damn, what an effort though!)

+ A Dutch cyclist thought she’d won Olympic gold, but an Austrian was way ahead of her. And that Austrian was a serious longshot. Anna Kiesenhofer is a mathematician who hasn’t been a member of a pro team for years.

+ Pink offers to pay bikini bottoms fine for Norway women’s handball team. (This was the week before the Olympics, but it’s related. It’s ridiculous that female athletes are required to wear uniforms clearly intended to sexualize them. Sports are about kicking ass, not showing it.)

+ Here Are All The Olympian Couples Competing In Tokyo Who Are Dating, Engaged, Or Married.