“Both on Springsteen’s official Web site and in his songbook, the word is ‘waves.’ And yet Springsteen uses ‘sways’ on page 220 of his memoir, which is also called “Born to Run,” and in his handwritten lyrics, which were auctioned off a couple of years ago by Sotheby’s.” Jon Landau, the Boss’s longtime close collaborator in matters musical and financial, offers a definitive answer about what Mary’s dress is doing in ‘Thunder Road.’ Remnick in The New Yorker: A Springsteen Mystery Solved. (It’s not whether the dress sways or waves. It’s whether you see a blue dress or a gold dress.)

+ “Katie Hopkins, a 46-year-old media personality, was fined 1,000 Australian dollars (about $740) and escorted by police to the Sydney airport, where she boarded an afternoon flight bound for Britain after her visa was canceled by the government.” WaPo: A far-right British commentator boasted about breaking quarantine rules, and Australia deported her.

+ Rattle and Hum: How one musician recorded a series of duets with the Golden Gate Bridge’s ghostly hum. (I love the hum.)