“Cue swift public condemnation from any record labels, booking agents, and other money-making groups with ties to Wallen. Roll the tape of theatrical apologia: A week after the incident, Wallen posted an emotive video saying he had been on ‘hour 72 of a 72-hour bender’ when he shouted the racial slur and wanted to ‘fully accept any penalties I’m facing.’ But Wallen’s offense, hot off the heels of a year of grievous racist violence committed, by and large, by white men, proved too seismic to gloss over. It was shocking, on its own, and also emblematic of an uncomfortably visible national crisis. The music industry cast him out. Awards shows, executives, music critics, fellow artists, and all the other usual suspects involved in the making and boosting of a star gave him radio silence — literally, in the case of stations that refused to hand him airplay.” That’s one part of the Morgan Wallen story. The other part is that he’s the number one selling artist in America. Rolling Stone: Morgan Wallen, the Winner No One Can Admit.